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Who We Are

Bad Apple Social Club

Most of us here have been connected in some way either directly or inadvertently for decades. Working in our own ways, on our own projects, with our own teams so to speak. Neither friends nor enemies, more like some of the last ones standing out of our waves. Let’s do something useful with this situation…

What is it that we could do and where would we even start? Plus who has the time and if we do get an extra hour or day we have no time to be entertaining dreams and meeting with strangers, let’s be fair.

We want to help everyone, that is the bottom driving force behind us not many would know this from what they heard or been told. Now more than ever we feel compelled to help our brothers and sisters get to the bag faster safe and legally. Many of us didn’t have that guidance in any form, a lot of you still won’t want it. This ain’t for you then and that’s cool too.

From Entertainers to Managers, Lawyers, Agents, Public Relation Masters, Merch and Tour Professionals, Label Reps, Models, Videographers and more. We have a diverse membership of industry professionals that needed a place to have fun and work.

Incubator-Day Club-Nite Club-Festival Atmosphere

The Pitt LVH

The Pitt LVH

Deals done. Brand new club houses facilities in the entertainment capital of the world! Our clubhouse will be located at 2100 N. Boulder Hwy. Henderson, Nevada. Formerly known as the Roadhouse Casino and Rodeo!

May 2020
October 2020
The Pitt LVH opens to the public

The Pitt LVH opens to the public

After a complex and complete build out of the grounds to facilitate daily and large scale use we open our gates to the masses. Let them come see what we have built for us to grow better yet grow with us.

Bad Apple Social Club HQ 2,3,4

Bad Apple Social Club HQ 2,3,4

Negotiating property for our clubhouses already. From the Pitt LVH to Nashville, Michigan, Chicago and wherever else the memberships drive us.

January 2021

Morning Workspace, late night hangout, and so much more in between. Starting or ending your day this is going to be a sure stop along the way.

WiFi, misters, coffee, deserts you name it we have it. All the little things that modernize a co workspace environment for Bad Apples.

Our conversion to day and night activities will be seamless.

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